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Movie Launch: Single in Seattle!!

October 14, 2013

It’s finally here…the long anticipated documentary Single in Seattle by local filmmaker Ryon Owenby!Image

A few years ago, I answered a Craig’s List ad request for local business professionals who have singles as a niche clientele – not to be confused with -ahem- “special services” to single folks.  *giggle*  Ryon was on his mission to create a documentary about single life in Seattle…

  • What is it like?  
  • Is it for everyone?  
  • Are some folks meant to stay single?
  • What resources are available for single folks who want to/don’t want to stay single?

We had a great time filming the design process with several single clients and doing voice over for the film.  There are some great stories and some date disasters that may give you a giggle or two.  Several of my professional colleagues are in this film as well.

Fast forward several years and we now have documentary!!

Single in Seattle is not yet screening anywhere but you can have a 7-day rental for just 2.99 or or buy it for just 7.99 on Amazon.  There was so much great material filmed, it was split into 2 volumes!

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