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Still alive and ticking…

July 22, 2014


Hope this finds everyone well and thriving…or moving towards that!  I haven’t been posting, as I’ve been working on a lot of personal growth…however, I didn’t want y’all to think I had disappeared!  🙂

What’s new?  Well, I seem to have acquired a girlfriend and a grandkid in one fell swoop!  I actually became a grandma without ever having a kid myself – how cool is that?!  These two are great lights in my life…as well as the addition of the cutest little handicapped cat ever, Merkat.  She is kind of like a mermaid cat, due to the formation of her hind legs and how they wiggle behind her…But don’t feel sorry for her – she’s a happy cat and faster than you would ever think possible from looking at her!

And I thought I was busy before as a single business owner…you’ve heard how us single folks are married to our businesses…Well, when you partner up, you definitely have to make some shifts in how you are spending time – if you want to keep your relationship, this is 😉

They keep me busy…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here we are…motley crew that we are…haha!  That’s me on the right, if you hadn’t guessed already 🙂  Not the most flattering family selfie ever…but it’s us…and I’m happy 🙂


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