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Sustainable Party Decor: Green Festival ’08 After Party + PRESS!

April 30, 2008

Got press? EcoKind does! Check the Green Festival 08 After Party post-party spread (pages 8 and 9) in the May Seattle Conscious Choice for Editor Ritzy’s word out to myself!

I would also like to call out to Miss Amy Woidtke, our design consultant. Thank you for taking the time to branch-by-branch transform our entryway arbor into something leafy and enchanted.

Never bad to have the Editor of Seattle’s Most Awesome conscious living magazine on your side, eh?

The event was a HUGE success with between 500 and 700 in attendance throughout the evening! Dancing, DJ music, performances and other donations from over 20 vendors made the event happen!

In addition to it being the first Seattle Green Festival (and After Party), it was also the debut for the event venue space for the fabulous Herban Feast, a local and sustainable caterer here in Seattle! WOW! What a space they have!

Seattle Conscious Choice co-sponsored the event with Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Ritzy wanted a bit of an organic garden feel for the event – a little bit wild and less manicured. She was thrilled with the live garden trellis decor I styled up, as well as the contributions from my vendors:

We had a last minute swapohrooskey of photographers…images are provided courtesy of Erinn J. Hale photography, who was a whizbang at capturing the evening’s festivities. The entire album of the evening can be viewed at her site.

How was EcoKind’s portion sustainable? After the event, the trellis and cherry blossom foliage were composted, the potted ferns and blossom vases returned to the vendors for sale and re-use, and trellis fabric and ties saved for future use. The trellis itself belongs to Herban Feast, so if you want an indoor trellis at your event, I’m sure Herban Feast would love to host you!

I had SO much fun both doing the décor for the event and attending it. It’s great to style for an event and bonus if I get to attend it too! Really though, I’m happy either way!

Yay for EcoKind’s FIRST press coverage!!

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  1. May 11, 2008 10:34 am

    Great thread! , i like these tips, its looks that i knew just small part of it.


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