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Calling All Bachelors Looking for Love!

April 23, 2008

Hey Guys!

So you’ve set your intention of attracting your mate. A lot of thought and energy goes into that. You know – you make “the list,” you post profiles on match sites and you might even be paying a lot of money for a matchmaking service.  If you haven’t, try Sophisticated Matchmaking.  Sophia will help you avoid old patterns you want to avoid in attracting the wrong person and really get you connected with Ms. Right.

Now that you have done that:

  • Have you thought about what your home looks like?
  • When your date walks in, are they going to be impressed by your awesome interior style and feel like your space welcomes them in?
  • Or, will they turn their nose up or run screaming?
  • Do you even have a sense of interior style in your space?

Being a single gal ready for love myself, I can tell you, a well-decorated space is a BIG point scorer. It’s like icing on the cake, or the perfect bow that compliments the wrapping paper. YOU are the cake, YOU are the package, so take time to make sure you’ve got the perfect icing (or bow) with your interior home style!

Continue moving the energy of your intention to attract your mate by having a home that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing for your partner! You don’t know how to do that? Well, I DO!!

Not only will I make your space feel more welcoming and prepared for your prospective mate to enjoy, it will feel more like home to YOU and, I do this in an eco-friendly manner without sacrificing color or your personal style! Whether you need a re-design of with your current stuff or are starting from scratch, I work my magic to make it happen.  *HINT:  Being eco-chic is a BIG point scorer also for us ladies!

After getting their home interiors styled, bachelors have been known to say that they didn’t even realize what they were missing by not having their interior style.  Once they see it done, the light bulb goes on and they “get it.”

So bachelors, get your interior intentions in order! If you book with me prior to the end of June, I’ll give you 20% off your project total! (Project does not have to commence in June, just be booked with a deposit by the end of June).

Here’s to your success in attracting your mate!!

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