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“Along comes Amy. A few questions and measurements and poof things start happening. The space is getting cozier all the time.”

Consultations ♥

Your initial consultation is always complimentary.  I meet you in your home and we talk about your vision for your home, where you want to take your life and how the two can support each other.  I even give you a few complimentary design tips!

Media, Press, Emceeing & Speaking ♥

I love connecting, networking and supporting others to share tips, advice, conversation and support community.  It’s very near and dear to my heart.  Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for:

  • Contributions on interiors to support love and romance for your blog, book, column, TV or radio show.
  • A host for your home interiors TV show.
  • An energetic, charismatic emcee or speaker for your event, which may or may not be interiors-related.
  • Guest blogging on EKD.
  • Power partners for cross promoting.

Amy Woidtke
206 . 818 . 9102

EcoKindDesign at gmail . com or click this direct link

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