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about amy

Unlike many designers, Amy didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a professional designer.  It found her much later in life.

From the Roots ♥

Amy had always been creative – it’s in her family roots:  artists, musicians, builders.  She grew up eco-conscious before it was chic to be green.  Amy’s parents built their house using reclaimed products, so she was immersed in the “eco-home building experience” by 2nd grade, though not always willfully, as her mum was determined she would be a well-rounded gal!  It wasn’t until about 6th grade that she took interest in the aesthetics of spaces.

Amy has also always been in love with love.  If she were a movie character, she’d be that guy in the victorian era movies writing endless love letters to his beloved of admiration and devotion.  Call her a sap if you wish – Amy really believes the world is a better place when love abounds and succeeds.

Not Exactly as Planned ♥

As a teen, Amy became a people helper and problem solver, so when a friend was in need, she aimed to make it better.  This became her focus in college, resulting in a psychology degree.  It was only after 5 years of study that Amy realized being a traditional counselor was not going to do it for her!  Go figure.

During college, she took interest in personal growth, spirituality, and manifesting reality through conscious intention so after choosing to not go into traditional counseling, Amy lent her hand at helping others through working for conscious companies as an administrative assistant, and with her love for organizing, making things function better and space aesthetics.  Every space she worked in received a well-rounded reorganization!

The Predecessor ♥

When it dawned on her that she could become a professional organizer, she founded and ran her first business, Peace of Time, for several years, and only after a friend pointed out that she was simply an interior decorator in denial, did she realize that he probably really had a point there!

It’s…a Business! ♥

Some people have kids…Amy birthed a business.  And thus, EcoKind Design was born, combining some of her greatest passions:  1 part spaces, 1 part people-helping, 1 part intentional living, and 1 part eco-conscious.  The focus on spaces for love came into play around year 2.  It totally chose her, once she opened up the flood gates for it to be seen!
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