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Burien Couple’s Home Disaster Reclaimation Fund

December 20, 2010

Burien Home Slipping into Puget Sound
In the height of the Thanksgiving storm, Burien Art Community Pillars Dane & Kathy’s Burien hillside home broke from its foundation and began to slide towards the Sound, breaking with it the gas and water lines.

With an amazing feat of love and support, despite the snow and holiday, community all over Seattle rallied to rescue their personal and sentimental belongings, in the few hours before their home was condemned by the city.

Insurance claim is NOT being covered
Recipients of Burien Community Leader Award 2009, Dane, Kathy, and their unreplaceable belongings are safe.  While they are now in temporary housing, with everything in storage, this challenging journey is far from over.  Much support is needed to carry them through this life trial.  Allstate is not covering their claim for their house, which they are going to be able to save afterall.

As you can imagine, the restoration of their home is not a low-cost project, and without the funding from their claim, Dane and Kathy are left to their own devices to make it happen.

How YOU can HELP!
This is where community continues to come in, where we support our own, whether you know them personally, or simply share living in this fabulous area together.  It’s opportunity to Pay It Forward, or return the karma where you have received help in hard times.  We are family.

Donate to the Dane and Kathy Disaster Fund
Funds go towards re-securing the home, repairing the breakwater walls, the broken pipelines, etc.  On top of all that, they still have to pay their mortage, daily living expenses, and so forth.  This adds up to quite a hefty sum.

Every penny helps…so even if you can only donate $1 or $5…that matters! 100 people donating $5 = $500.

Other Helpful Things
Things maybe not needed but helpful and nice, especially when under so much stress:

  • Body work and other healing therapies.
  • Spa services.
  • Other things/ways you can think of to help?  Leave comment here…you never know!

How to Donate

Community member Brian Wise is converting Amazon payments into PayPal.  Contact him at:  brianmwise AT

Credit and Debit:  Burners without Borders website. Just click the Paypal button…you don’t have to have a PayPal account.

News Coverage

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You Tube

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Dane & Kathy – Reasons why we love them!
Independance Day 2010

Roast-o-rama 2010

( 2009 (

4th 2008

Roast-o-rama 2008

♥  ♥  ♥

Thank you for caring and supporting community.  It matters.  Your kindness and generosity always comes back to you!

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