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Mosaic Den Redesign: Biznik Community Project, Progress Update

July 13, 2010

As you might know, I am very passionate about supporting community and I love to give back with my talents.  So what is on the plate right now?  The Den at Mosaic Coffeehouse in Wallingford, a non-profit cafe who operates solely on donations and gives proceeds after operations costs, to a featured non-profit of the month!

Why did we choose Mosaic?
Last summer, my Biznik colleague Jessie Wolfrum of A Simple Touch, asked me if I wanted to approach Mosaic Coffeehouse in Wallingford to see if they would like their meeting room redesigned.  It’s called The Den, and is hub to many community events, including Biznik.  Problem was, it was really drab, uninspiring, and not optimally functioning for a place that is meant to support great meetings, events and workshops!

We asked, they said Yes! and we were off and running.  Schedules, delays and holidays prevented the redesign from officially launching until earlier this year, but it’s up and going now, in stages, with myself at the design helm.

Progress Report
We are in the final stages of painting – just some touch up work to finish.  Daley’s donated the paint, Jack’s Evergreen Painting got us 2/3’s through and now Rivalee Redesign and myself are wrapping up the final 1/3.  Images shows you where we are at – dramatic difference, eh?!  The red really punches up the space, with a lighter cream to brighten it up as well.

Next, we add the interior decor products, in stages.

Two fundraisers later, we have raised almost $1,000 for the redesign, which is not quite enough, so we are still accepting donations on the Mosaic website!  We need about $2-3,000 to bring it to fruition!  You can donate funds in general or choose a specific product you want to purchase and we’ll put you in the credits at the end!  We also welcome vendors to donate gift cards or specific products.

Items Needed:

  • 3 floor lamps
  • 3 overhead hanging lights
  • 2 padded arm chairs
  • 3 sets of curtain hardware
  • console table
  • projector screen
  • 3 large indoor floor plants for low-level lighting


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