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Make Room for Love: Heart, life and Home

May 8, 2010
Some of us are built to partner.  We are born this way and being partnered comes naturally and normally to us. Certainly, we can live happy, fulfilling lives as a single person.  Life is just that much better when we are partnered.
I am one of those people.  Being partnered feels normal to me, like its the way my life is supposed to be, like breathing and eating.  And for whatever reason, the lifetime partnership that I have been dreaming of for a very long time now, is still manifesting its reality in my life.
Be Clear, Learn, and Be Open,  Despite Fear
Certainly, I am clearer now than I ever have been before about what I truly desire in a partnership, and I continue to hold that he is looking for me as much as I am looking for him, and that we are on a path of heart collide at any moment!

I cherish and learn from every relationship I have been in.  Every relationship contributes to my life in some significant way.
I’ve been bitten a few times, you might say, and felt the sting of heart ache more times than I can count.  And I continue to show up, without bitterness, without regret, open hearted and ready for love.  Even in the face of fear and the possibility that I might feel heart ache once again.  To run, for fear of feeling that pain again, I would be cheating myself of the amazing experience in front of me, the opportunity to love and share with the one that is opening his heart to me.
This is not to be confused with saying yes to any opportunity of love that comes my way, as I am not desperate in any way, and I would much rather live my life singlely, fulfilled and elated, than to be partnered unhappily, just for the sake of being partnered.  I have choosen my relationships carefully, and given of myself fully to each one.  Each person deserves that.
Be Fully Present, Be Ready
Each person deserves your open, honest, transparent communication, being fully present, and you staying true to your self and your dreams.  It is only in this way that we can truly be in right partnership.
  • How ready are you?
  • Are you really ready?
  • Is your life ready?
  • Is there room for this person in your life, in your home?
  • Are you clear on who and what you are desiring of in a partnership?
Make Room for Love
Make room for love to find its place in your life.  Make room for your partner to arrive.  Make room:  in your heart, in your life, in your home.
Be ready.  Do the work.  Be clear on what you are looking for.  Be whole and happy as a single person, and have a life welcoming of a partnership.  If you don’t have room for them now, when will you?  Create the open space for them to arrive, and have faith that they are on their way!
  • What have you done in your life to be ready?
  • What do you need to do?
Feel free to share here if you wish, and by all means, if you have an online dating profile, post your link here too!  You never know who is reading!
If you would like some help being really clear on who and what you are desiring of in a partnership, sign up for the Manifest and Rejuvenate exercise here on my site.  My gift to you, as a token of my dedication to helping you find the love you dream of!


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