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Ace of Dates: Have your dates planned for you!

February 28, 2010

Congratulations to Mary Boiselle on the official launch of Ace of Dates, a great resource in Seattle for date planning.

If you are amongst the lost, challenged, and/or uninspired date planners, Mary offers a fabulous service of planning your dates for you, incorporating neat ways to inspire conversations and connection between you and your date, whether you are on your first date or the umteenth thousand date with your Beloved!

Between her site, her blog and mine, we’ll have you well set up for love and romance in your life! I love her post on romance being about the little things…

Romance is About the Little Things
By: Mary Boisselle – 2/23/2010

Taking care of the kids and pets while I sleep in

Bringing me coffee as I’m just waking up

Sticking a knock knock joke on the bathroom mirror

Kissing me hello, goodbye and goodnight

Calling me from work to tell me you’re thinking about me

Coming home a little early

Read more on her blog…

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