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Media Week, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine, building relationships & social media

February 24, 2010

Thank you to Sarah, Giselle, Adam and Mitch at Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine, to Todd Martin of Todd Martin Glass, to Karrie Kohlhaus of Thoughtshot Consulting, to Kelli Patch of Kelli Patch Design for producing Refresh, to, and to Nancy Juetten of Main Street Media Saavy for planting the seed a year ago!  You are all rockstars!

Thank you also to Biznik for being a major connection, learning and growth hub to enable me to be successful as an entrepreneur.

A personal testament on the power of building relationships, social media, and providing value.  You never know what relationship you foster will lead to what next great experience and opportunity!   Every business person should be practicing this if you aren’t.

You are worth it and you are deserving.  If the Top 5 people you spend your time with are not vibrating at the level you desire to vibrate, live and love at, consider changing those Top 5!

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