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What holds you back from finding true love?

February 17, 2010

The Love Wranglers, Kelly & Frankie

This call for ladies with relationship challenges was put out on HARO this morning from a relationship radio show hosted by The Love Wranglers; Your NO BULL Relationship Gals, aka Kelly Wallace and Unstoppable Frankie Picasso.

If you have questions for them, don’t waste time and write in now!  The show airs TOMORROW, Feb. 18th!  Read more below:

Name:  Frankie Picasso (Love Wrangler Radio)

Category: Entertainment and Media


Media Outlet: Love Wrangler Radio

Deadline: 07:00 PM EST – 18 February

Two Relationship Radio Hosts seeking real life questions they can share and answer on air.

  • Why are relationships so hard?
  • Can’t get over your ex?
  • Are you trying to save your relationship?
  • Does your sex life suck?
  • Do you want to get married and he doesn’t?

We want to know about it!  We’re the Love Wranglers; Your NO BULL Relationship Gals, aka Kelly Wallace and Unstoppable Frankie Picasso.  We shoot straight from the hip and aim to hit a bulls-eye every time.

We have a new relationship radio show starting this week and are looking for letters to read on air.  If you have a real life issue, problem or situation you would like our opinion and guidance on, please email us and give us as much detail as possible.  (If you want to actually call in and be on air with us, please state that in your email, otherwise we will just read the letters and discuss the problem.)

This show will air live on Thursday Feb.18th, at 1:00pm eastern.  Anything goes, so feel free to write in about love, relationships, divorce, sex, marriage, kids, etc.  After 4 divorces and dozens of failed relationships, these life and love experts know what it takes to attract the best person, make love fabulous and make it last! We offer honest advice, fun ideas, and the kick in the pants you may need to find and keep your Mr./Ms..

Please respect that we are not looking for sensationalized nor titillating content, however, we will address just about any problem on air. Not your ordinary relationship show!  Kelly and Frankie set out each time to strip away the excuses women often bury themselves under and get them to face their demons head-on.

Knowledge is power and these ladies won’t rest until they’ve taught every dissatisfied female how to create the love she’s always dreamed of–with her partner and herself.


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