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Pat Gallagher Art: Lamps from repurposed metal objects

December 3, 2009

Introducing my latest happy design find, Pat Gallagher Art.  I came across his lighting art designs at Avanti Art & Design in Greenwood when I was meeting head divas Emilee and Wendy for a client’s custom mirror framing.

For several months, we have been searching high and low for the right reading lamp for my client’s reading corner.  When I saw Pat’s work, I sent my client to the website and he loved not only 1, but 3 of Pat’s designs!  We are going with the Ferocynth as pictured here.

Pat Gallagher has been creating great sculptures by repurposing high grade steel, cast iron, brass, and bronze metal objects such as gears, tubes, old irons, tubing…pretty much whatever he finds that inspires him.  This year, he took his art to the next level and began turning it into lamps!  The end results are a sight to behold, and end to boring lamp design for sure!

Currently, his lamps are priced for a mere $150-$250, or you can have custom work done as well for not too much more.  If you like his work, don’t hesitate to jump on what you love, because his work is going like hot cakes and I’m sure it won’t be priced so low for long!


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