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Alternative to buying a live Christmas tree – RENT ONE!

November 28, 2009

Whether you are an early bird Christmas enthusiast or the wait-till-later type, there is an eco-friendly alternative to buying a live potted tree so you can enjoy the option of a live potted Christmas tree, without  the worry of planting it later when it becomes too large for your family to haul in and out of the house each year.  It’s called rent a tree!  That’s right, you can rent your Christmas tree!

How it works
Rent a live, native potted tree from Swansons Nursery, return it after the holiday, and it will be planted in the Carkeek Park salmon habitat restoration. There is also the option to participate in the habitat restoration, offering a great opportunity to bring friends and family together, and help educate your children about the environment.

If renting a tree is outside of your budget for the holidays, you can buy a live cut tree (make sure you keep it well watered in the tree holder for fire prevention), and still contribute to the habitat restoration in service and/or in dollars via their Sammy contribution program for a mere $5.00 per “Sammy.”

Outside Seattle?
Rent a tree programs exist outside of Seattle as well.  Simply do a search for rent a tree plus your city!

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  1. December 2, 2009 3:13 pm

    This program is really a great help to those family who want to have their own Christmas Tree during holiday only.. Great idea.. Thanks for sharing.


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