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Prepare your Home Interiors for Winter Warmth & Love!

November 13, 2009

You have probably noticed the temperature dropping as fall and winter approach, and are dragging out your warmer coats, hats, gloves and scarves.  In addition to preparing your wardrobe for the colder temperatures, it’s time to prepare your home interiors for cozy nights snuggled up by the fire, on the sofa and in your bed, maybe even with that special someone!

So unless you’re into self-torture and want to freeze your katookus off, which makes it a bit hard to sit down, check out these tips help keep the cold out, the warm in, the bills down, and the snuggle factor high!

Switch to Heavier Curtains or Double Up
Change your curtains to heavier fabrics, double-up your tap top curtains by alternating tabs for each panel on the rod, or add a liner to the backside.  You can buy liners, add tie-on curtains to the backside or you can make them very easily from sheets / fabric.

  • Lay sheet flat against curtain.  Cut to fit if necessary and use either iron-on hemming tape or a machine to create a hem.
  • Attach ties at hanging intervals and tie them to back of tab tops or to the rod itself.  If you use clip-on curtain rings, just clip the panel up with the curtain.  The funkiest, cheapest, yet effective way is using safety pins to attach to back of curtains, which don’t show if you’re clever about it!

Throws and Blankets
Swap that lighter sofa throw or blanket for a heavier one – perhaps wool or something heavy knitted.  Add a blanket or two to your bedding, or if you have different weight comforters for the seasons, it’s time to swap out with the heavier one!

Nix the poly/cotton sheets from your life and go purchase a top quality organic cotton set, be them flannel or regular cotton.  Flannels are warmer than cotton when you climb in and cotton in general is warmer anyday than the poly combos, more comfortable, and healthier to sleep on, especially if they are organic.

Stock up your fireplace – check Craig’s List for people giving wood away from home remodels or cutting trees down.  If you buy the pre-made firelogs, make sure they don’t contain chemical bonders, petroleum waxes, etc.

Not necessarily an energy-saving tip, though good to have on stock if the power goes out during winter storms.  Great for ambient lighting and relaxing, whether taking some “me” time, entertaining that one special guest or a whole slew of friends!  Look for alternative wax candles like soy, beeswax and plant oils, as well as natural botanical and aromatherapy oils.

Where to Shop?
Do a Google search to locate your local second use consignment and thrift stores for curtains and blankets.  You can often find candles there as well.  Stock up your emergency supply too!

Score a great find on Craig’s List or Freecycle!

Shop your local or online eco retail shoppes for sheets, candles and pre-made firelogs. Many chain retailers are now carrying eco-friendly products as well.  Support your small, local indie shops whenever possible!

Check out the ♥ HOME ♥ links on the lower right column for local listings!

Click on $$ WIN & SAVE $$ in the right column to for opportunities to win free stuff and save on others!

Local Seattle
Collective in Ballard
consignment shoppes
second use retail

Online Retail
Viva Terra
Anna Sova Luxury Organics


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  1. November 16, 2009 3:50 pm

    These are some great energy saving tips!


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