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Must-have Bedroom Basics for Babes, Bachelors and Couples

September 19, 2009

West Elm organic bedding

How does your bedroom fare – is it eco-friendly?  Is it love-friendly?  Is your space ready for love?

If you are:

  • Single and looking for love
  • Coupled and co-habitating
  • Coupled and preparing to merge spaces

this article is for you!

Here are some must-have, eco-friendly bedroom basics to support the attraction, nourishing and rekindling of the love you deserve and dream of!

(HINT:  What your bedroom would look like if 2 people were sharing it on a regular basis?  Ideally, there would be pairs of certain items and hopefully, quality bedding that invites passionate love-making and restful, rejuvenating sleep afterwards!)

Compare these Basic Bedroom Essentials with what you have in your bedroom:

1) A quality, supportive mattress
If two people are sharing a bed, nothing is worse than an uncomfortable mattress that doesn’t physically support 2 people sleeping in it.  Away with saggy middles and aching backs!  Look for organic, sustainable and FSC certified materials.

2) Pillows – At least 4
2 for sleeping on and 2 firmer ones for supporting adventurous lovemaking positions, pillow talk and of course, rounding out the bedding decor afterwards when you make the bed!  Look for something with organic or natural fill.

3) Quality, organic linens
Nothing compares to high thread count, organic linens for resting and loving your sweetie.  Once you go high thread, you’ll never go back!  Look for 300 thread count or higher in organic fabrics.  They may be higher in cost than you are used to spending, however, if you are on a tighter budget and have to choose which products to spend higher dollars on for your eco- and health-friendly spaces, fabrics that spend a lot of time close to your body are some of the most important products to spend those higher dollars on.

Why?  Conventional fabrics are full of unhealthy toxins that rub off on you and which you inhale as you sleep.  For more specific details and the nitty gritty, visit the OEco Textiles blog, our local ladies of some of the most eco-friendly (and award-winning) textiles in the world!

4) Comforter with a duvet cover
I love duvet covers – they actually make the comforter and bed more cozy, in addition to protecting your comforter to make it last longer.  Sure makes me want to stay in bed longer!

For those of you who loathe making beds, are on the go or just plain lazy about bed-making, duvets are great because you don’t need a top sheet – the duvet cover serves as such.  To make your bed, you just flip the comforter up to the top of the bed and voila! you bed is made!

Downside to not using a top sheet – pulling the duvet off for washing and putting it back on can be annoying, so I’ve included my duvet tip below!*

For the convenience it gives you in making your bed every day, which also makes the bed and bedroom more inviting, it’s worth the few times a month inconvenience for washing it.

How to put a duvet cover on (aka Wrestling the Duvet Monster):

  1. Turn the duvet inside out.
  2. Lay the duvet on top of the comforter, top corners matching.
  3. Push your arms up inside the duvet and clamp your hands around the top corners of the duvet and the comforter.
  4. Holding the corners together, stand up and shake the duvet down over the comforter.  If you are short like me, you may need to stand on top of the mattress to help the process go faster!

5) Nightstands with drawers or closed baskets and a light
So you don’t have to lean over your sweetie to get your water, turn on the light, and you won’t wake each other up. Drawers or closed baskets are essential for storing your acoutrements for love!

Where to shop?
Check out the EKD Shop Local pages to locate these products in your neighborhood!

EcoMetro and The Find are other great resources for locating stores near you.  Many department stores are now carrying selections of eco-friendly now as well.

Second Use:
Check out your local thrift and consignment shoppes.  The EKD Shop Local pages have second use sources too!  Dont’ forget online resources like Craig’s List and Freecycle.

I found my mattress on Craigs List.  It was from someone’s spare bedroom and barely used.  Clean, firm and minus a saggy middle.  Best, it was free.  They just wanted their space back.

Be selective if you shop second-use.  Always do the sniff test.  For mattresses, ask if they used a mattress pad and don’t get stuff with stains on them.  If the mattress got wet at any point, there could be mildew damage inside the mattress which is no good for breathing and body.

♥ Happy Loving!!


3 Comments leave one →
  1. October 8, 2009 11:00 pm

    I am a big fan of getting mattresses from second-hand sources – like friends and relatives who are moving or getting rid of one. BUT…beware of things like BEDBUGS. It would really be a bummer to bring home a seemingly clean mattress and infect your whole home with icky little bugs and spend a ton of money getting rid of them. I’ve heard the horror stories and believe you me, it sounds awful.


  2. October 9, 2009 5:15 pm

    Thanks for commenting Erin. Yes, those pesky guys are definitely an option when you are second sourcing your mattress. Here are some ways to minimize that risk:

    Ask questions to your source to be as sure as possible that your mattress is good to go. I have had no problems with my mattress whatsoever. Have they had any issues with bugs or allergies that seem to only plague them when in bed?

    Always use a mattress pad and only get second source mattresses that have been used with a mattress pad as well.

    Get a mattress cover from the American Lung Association. It’s like a zippered pillowcase for a mattress. Complimentary when you do their clean air survey.

    Happy loving and sleeping!


  3. May 13, 2010 11:59 am

    Got to have at least 4 pillows. More the better!


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