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Wider sofas: eco-friendly, snuggle friendly, love friendly

August 29, 2009

favoriteAre you a sofa snuggler?

Are you prone to bouts of spontaneous love making in the living room?

As a designer with a passion for supporting love in spaces, I have thought a lot about the different ways a space can be a sanctuary for love.  For example, I have thought about the importance of the bed and it’s makeup for good, long, adventurous lovemaking.  I have thought about the sofa having extra throw pillows and I have thought about making sure there is a throw blanket for snuggling under.

sectionalWhat I hadn’t thought about yet was the importance of the width of the sofa for couples who are prone to spontaneous bouts of love making in the living room!  A new love nest design for a couple brought this concept to light!

So if you are one of those spontaneous living room love-making couples, when you shop for your next sofa, just ask for a wider seat bed, and don’t forget to get a nice, soft fabric as well!

Check out these locations for greener sofas which are kinder on the environment AND your spontaenous love making adventures:

Good news:
Mainstream stores are beginning to carry eco-friendly options for sofas. When you are out browsing for new sofas, look for:

  • low to no VOC glues, paints and stains
  • eco-friendly foam or stuffing
  • FSC certified or reclaimed wood
  • recycled metal springs
  • fabric meeting O-EKO or GOTS textile standards, organics, low-impact dyes, recycled content, sustainable content.

Have fun celebrating your love on your new sofa!

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