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How to hide the cat box, with eco-friendly style?

July 14, 2009

how to hide the cat box“How do you hide the cat box if you have to keep it in the common area?”

This was a question posed at this year’s Seattle Design Center Eye on Design 2009, featuring HGTV’s Vern Yip.

Obviously, if you can put it somewhere else, that would be ideal.  However, having had an elderly cat with vision and joint issues, which greatly reduced her circumference of travel to the common living areas, I completely understand this as a possible issue.

So, how do you hide the cat box, with eco-friendly style?

Behind a folding screen: I hid SP’s self-cleaning box in the corner of a common area, with a matt to catch the litter fall out so she didn’t track it all over.  This actually worked quite well, and the automated cleaning helped keep the odors down.

Inside a Pet carrier: If your cat won’t step over the ledge into a closed box, put an open top box in a carrier, which eliminates the step-over scenario, especially crucial for cats with joint issues, and still helps to contain the litter for the really active box scratcher…you know the one that is digging to China and thus getting litter everywhere!

Good old closet: Take the door off and hang a curtain in the doorway.  Fastest way is using a tension rod. You can also prop the door permanently open.

Bathroom: What better place to put the cat toilet than in the bathroom?  Enclosed is best – so in a carrier or using the lidded boxes.
Under a skirted table – use a tension rod between the table legs or velcro and a piece of your favorite sustainable or recycled fabric.

Inside a cabinet: Cut a hole in the side or take the doors off and curtain the doors using a tension rod and a piece of your favorite sustainable or recycled fabric.

Cover the Carrier: Create a box tent slipcover to cover the carrier or just place a piece of fabric over it to coordinate with your space.

Modern Cat:  Check out the Modern Cat website for pre-made eco-friendly design solutions like the above, as well as other eco-friendly kitty things!

What clever ways have you hidden the cat box, be it in the common area or elsewhere?  Please share with our readers!

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