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Attractive, eco-friendly, interior fabrics and textiles

May 22, 2009

It wasn’t long ago that the words attractive, eco-friendly, fabrics, textiles and easy-to-find were incompatible terms.  I’m excited to say that no longer is this an issue.  In fact, the term affordable *gasp* is even working its way in there too, as demand goes up for the market!

Here are some of the West Coast vendors from a long list of U.S. eco-friendly fabrics and textiles for your interior space needs, as listed in the Natural Home Magazine Resource Directory!  There are plenty of guy and gal-friendly solids and prints available from the myriad of resources.  Hooray!

Aurora Silk
Peace silk (doesn’t kill the silk worms), hemp, cotton, organic dyes – mostly solid colors.

Organic, fair trade cotton prints and solids by designer Harmony.

Live Textiles
Organic linen and cotton, bamboo, and hemp in exclusive, customizable traditional and contemporary prints, avoiding run-off producing dyes.

OEco Textiles
Luxurious, opulent woven textiles including cotton, linen and velvet

For more info: Visit the eco-friendly fabrics and textiles as listed in the Natural Home Magazine Resource Directory!


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