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Interview with Vern Yip of HGTV plus get MORE VERN THIS Saturday in Seattle!

April 23, 2009

Vern Yip will be at Eye on Design 2009 THIS Saturday!

A few weeks back, I announced I would be interviewing award-winning designer Vern Yip of HGTV’s Deserving Design (who will be here in Seattle THIS Saturday…read more below) and I asked my readers what you all wanted to know from Vern with regards to your eco-home interior design and decor ambiance.

At long last, here are the answers to your burning questions!  First though, I must give proper credit and abundant thank yous to Nancy Juetten of Main Street Media Saavy, who contacted me with this opportunity and then made it all happen!  Nancy is a spitfire public relations diva with affordable DIY publicity tools, and will coach you 1-1 if you wish as well.  She has rocked my design world with this opportunity to interview Vern!  Thank you Nancy!

And now…EcoKind Design’s interview with Vern Yip

Amy:  What top 3 tips do you have for eco-friendly home decorating for $100 and below?

Vern: When thinking about home decorating, one way to stay eco-friendly and still watch your budget is to frequent used and second-hand furniture outlets. The Goodwill and the Salvation Army can often times have some pretty great stuff that is very inexpensive. Antique stores and flea markets are also a good resource for those who have a good eye. This keeps these kinds of items from ending up in a land fill somewhere…and supports the use of existing resources versus placing demand on the production of new goods.

Another tip that will brighten a space is to try hanging an inexpensive mirror on the wall opposite your natural light source. This will take the existing natural light entering the space and bounce it back into your room…reducing the amount of time you’ll have to turn on the artificial lights in your home.

When it comes to accessorizing, try forming an exchange group with some trusted friends where everyone brings decorative accessories, no longer employed in their own homes, to a central location for a swap. This will not only be a free way to get some new stuff in your home…but it will also help you get the stuff out of your attic that you just aren’t using.

Additional Tips from Amy:  Check out the Shop Local link to the right of column for locating Greater Seattle 2nd use shops! Also check out Craig’s List and Freecycle for free stuff and passing on that which you no longer want!

Amy:  What are your top 3 eco-friendly tips for high impact, low cost spring home décor?

Vern: Spring is often seen as a key time to inject freshness and life into your home. One of the most inexpensive ways to do that is to paint your walls. Use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or no VOC paints which are now widely available in most markets.

Since spring is often associated with flowers blooming, bring some of those flowers inside with a beautiful orchid plant. Orchid plants are inexpensive and widely available…and the blooms will last up to eight weeks. The best part of having these great looking flowering plants in your home is that they require very little care and very little water! Orchid plants need watering once every two weeks and will bring great color and sophistication into your space. Just remember to place them in a location that receives bright indirect light.

If your existing wood floors are looking a little rough and you don’t have the ability or resources to fix them yourself, try a large rug made of bamboo slats. Not only are these rugs very inexpensive, they’re very current and can be taken with you when you move.  A myriad of bamboo products…to go with your new bamboo rug…are on store shelves…and unlike many hard woods, bamboo is an easily renewable resource.

Additional tips from Amy:  Check out the Benjamin Moore Aura and Natura lines for no VOC paint choices.

Amy:  What is your favorite eco-friendly textile in the lower cost range?

Vern: Many wonderful fabrics made from organic cotton/ linen blends, bamboo and hemp are now widely available in great solid colors and prints. As more of these products have become available, cost has gone down and accessibility has gone way up.

Additional tips from Amy: Check out Shop Local textiles for Greater Seattle resources.  I am also working on an internet resource list as well!

Amy:  For kitchen remodels, what low budget tips can you suggest?

Vern: One of the best ways to freshen up a kitchen is to replace the existing pulls and knobs with new ones. A simple change like this can not only dramatically lower the cost of a renovation…but it also can make a huge impact.

If your existing cabinets are made out of wood…try freshening them up with a coat of no VOC paint versus replacing them with new ones. You’ll want to make sure that you prepare the surfaces first with a light sanding so that primer and paint will actually stick to the surfaces. Since faucets often act as major sculptural focal points in a kitchen, updating this one item can often make a big impact. Make sure installation is done correctly to prevent dripping which can be extremely wasteful.

Amy:  Regarding changes to the house and home, do you make the changes that bug you most first, or those that neighbors and guests would see?

Vern: It is always most important to make the changes that bug you the most first! The days of designing your interiors to please the neighbors are long over. Design is now all about making your home a physical manifestation of you. This will ensure that the things you do will be things that will last a long time. If you stay true to yourself…and buy quality things that will endure…you will have rooms that you’ll never have to seriously change…which is one of the most eco-friendly things that you can do

Want More of Vern?  You got it!
I’m a gal that delivers, the hookup – and I’m here to make your home interior dreams come true!  If you want more of Vern, THIS Saturday, Vern will be at Eye on Design 2009, a rare open-to-the-public event for designers and public alike at the Seattle Design Center in Georgetown…for ONLY $10 folks!

Eye on Design 2009
including award-winning Vern Yip of HGTV Deserving Design
April 25, 2009
10am – 4pm

  • Get environmentally inspired design ideas to welcome Spring
  • Learn essential home décor editing tips to create a fresh, new look
  • Get answers to challenging home décor questions from the experts – including Vern Yip

There is space for 600 guests at ONLY $10.!!   TEN DOLLARS!  Now when was the last time you got to meet and pick the brain of an HGTV expert like Vern Yip IN PERSON in your OWN CITY, for a price like that?!  That’s about the cost of one theater movie and that isn’t LIVE!

You will also have access to browse the 55 luxurious Seattle Design Center showrooms and meet face to face with interior designers (including myself of EcoKind Design!) to find the professional that meets your needs.

So get your people together and make a day of it!  Or a half day if that is all you have!  Either way, I am most certain you will get your $10. worth – and MORE – this Saturday at Seattle Design Center for Eye on Design 2009 with Seattle’s interior design professionals and award-winning designer Vern Yip of HGVT’s Deserving Design!

For more info: To learn more and be one of the lucky few of 600 $10 tickets for Eye on Design 2009, April 25, 2009, visit Seattle Design Center.
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  1. June 11, 2009 3:07 am

    I definitely like the idea of using mirrors and shopping for decorative goods at flea markets but I am not sure about salvation army as I never found anything of quality. Even when I did find something that I can use, I had to do some work on it to bring it to life.


  2. July 22, 2009 12:45 am

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I always learn something new.


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