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Why should guys care about their interior decor?

April 7, 2009

p4-smallGuys: Never underestimate the power of a styled space – your home, your nest, your cave…whatever your preferred term is.  Especially if you are dating or not yet living together.

Whether you are dating or coupled, we women are “nesters,” so home space is very important to us.  We notice things about your space when we are checking you out as a potential mate, and contrary to what you might believe, we would rather NOT have to “fix” your space if you don’t have your interior decorating/design together.  The fixing concept is overrated, overwhelming, and uninteresting.  We’d rather focus our attention on you and our connection to YOU!

Why should guys  care about interior decor?
I have interviewed women on the style and not-style of a guy’s home interiors.  A guy who has his space looking and functioning fantastically is sexier, more interesting and reflects a guy who “has it together.”  It’s an extension of personal image branding.  It’s important to care about your physical presence, but don’t leave your personal image branding at the door!

A great space makes us feel like we can relax and just enjoy YOU!  Our brains are multi-focused – when a space isn’t together, we are distracted with what we would need to do to fix it, make it better, what it needs etc.  This detracts from the energy we want to be spending with YOU!

I can almost guarantee that what works now, will work even better and hotter when your space is up to par with the hot factor you, and in fact, makes you even hotter.  Women will attest to that.  Hot dude + yes!  Hot dude with hot space + HELL YEAH!

Never underestimate the power of extending your personal image branding into your spaces.

For personal image branding in your interior spaces, give me a call at 206-818-9102 or email me at

Meaningful spaces without busting your style, color, wallet or the planet!

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