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Ideas for using polished rocks in your decorating

March 22, 2009

rock decor at thinkspace

What can you do with 2 – 50 lb. bags of polished rocks for decorating in your home?

Last year I came into 2 – 50 lb. bags of black polished rocks via Craig’s List from Velocity Design as they were moving to their new location.  The rocks were from a design installation they weren’t going to repeat at the new space.  There were far more rocks than what I took!

First, I used them in the design at thinkspace in the vases and at the base.

Then, I looked for ways to use them in my space:

  • decorate at the base of my CD holders – makes a nice line straight across
  • disguise the ugly white plastic frame of the sliding glass door…liked this idea so much I took the line of rocks all the way around the edges of my living room floor!  It adds a nice nature touch to the space.
  • accessorize a candle vase

rock-accessories1Lastly, I gave some away for friends to use in their spaces.  So if you see black polished rocks in your friend’s space, you never know, they might be from the former Velocity Design installation!

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