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Recycling Program: Wine corks into cool products

March 7, 2009

Recycled corks become stylish products via TerraCycle

What better thing to do with corks than recycle them into stylish products like bulletin boards!  No, it’s no new idea.  What IS a new idea is the TerraCycle bulk recyling program created to encourage the bulk recycling of corks by wine enthusiasts, restaurants, bars, tasting rooms and wineries.

The TerraCycle program saves millions of corks from going into landfills.  They upcycle used corks – both natural and synthetic – into cool products which  you can purchase nationally at major retailers.  I’ve seen the TerraCycle products at our local Office Max!

Whether you are an individual hoarding corks because it seems a shame to toss them *coughcough*who,me?*coughcough*, or you are one that just plain tosses them, for lack of better thing to do with them, this program is for you!  My client thinkspace in Redmond has started this program at the office so people can both bring them in from home and recycle those from the events they host there on an on-going basis!

Participation is free and easy.  All you have to do is create a small space to store the recycled corks until you send them in to TerraCycle!

For more info: Visit TerraCycle Cork Brigade FAQ.

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