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Alternative Metro Bachelor Bedroom Re-design: Burgundy, black & gold

February 24, 2009

bna-collagewebVision }
Simplify and unify design elements, add romance ambiance, hide storage, add color without painting, make space for a love seat for reading and conversation.

Challenges }
Small space, limited storage space and small budget.

Solutions }

  • Remove clutter from walls.  Move lamp next to bed for reading.
  • Condense storage to under the bed and in the closet.  Curtains were made from black velvet fabric the client already had to create coverage for the under-bed storage.  We hung them with an eye hook and wire system.
  • Space for the love seat was created by moving the bookcase to the wall near the door and end of bed, moving the desk against the wall, and moving the large dresser to the space under the end of the bed.
  • Moving the desk near the bed also created a surface next to the bed where a small box could sit on the corner nearest the bed for water glasses, a clock and to keep romance supplies.
  • Velvet curtains matching the bedspread add color and luxury romance ambiance, combined with a black overhead canopy ending in a headboard drapery effect.
  • The black drapery hardware and bed canopy ties the black wall accessories into the design.
  • Final touches in the future will be painting the bed frame black and purchasing the love seat.

Eco-friendly Elements }

  • This majority of this project included using what he already had and re-arranging the layout to better suit his needs.
  • Minimal product purchase.


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