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How to green your Oscars party

February 20, 2009

image from Ecorazzi website

Even the Oscars are going green, so if you haven’t greened your Oscar party yet, it’s definitely time!

You’ve got your dress, suit or tux either, from the back of your closet, from your nearest second use store, or green fashion designer.  Now it’s time to pull the party decor and ambiance together, as well as get food for your buffet!

Some great Oscar theme colors are black, silver, gold, red, and now, green.  However, pick colors YOU want.  Don’t try to force the Oscar theme colors if they don’t work for you.

Red Carpet? If you can stand it, refrain from buying a new conventionaly-made runner, which is full of toxins from the glue, yarn, backing, etc., unless you find an new eco-friendly version.  See if you can find a second use runner or you could even paint a piece of canvas with eco-friendly red paint!

L.A.-inspired entrance: Begin the walkway with mini palm-like potted plants.  Cover dirt and pot if you need to with a nice fabric.  Even a nice white sheet will do.  Source your local second use shops or buy eco fabric locally – Pacific Fabrics has several eco options in Northgate.

Walkway: Line with tea-light or battery operated candles in jars or vases on top of a layer of rice, sand, beans or pepples.  Mix in red, black or gold glass drops for color.  Make sure the candles are inside something with about 6+ inches of height above the flame to for fire safety and to prevent flapping fabric from dresses from catching fire!  That is definitley not the way to start your Oscar party.

Buffet Table
A buffet is probably your best bet as people love to eat and watch the event, as well as get up and stretch (it’s a long show!), get more food and go back to watching the event.

Tablecloth: Sustainable or second use fabric.  If you’ve been hosting parties before, you may even have something already!

Oscar Framed: Frame an oscar pic from the internet instead of buying a plastic statue.  I know, it’s not quite the same as the actual statue itself, but we can do without creating more plastic waste, which is what those lovely statues at our party stores are made of.

In a nice black, silver or gold frame, a picture of Oscar admist all your beautiful organic foliage and delicious food on your buffet table, flanked by strands of pearls, gold and silver beads (great finds at second use stores), will be looking high and mighty as ever!

Fresh, organc florals and potted plants make great fresh, lively decor and really affect the energy and air quality of a space.  Put some in beautiful glass vases or jars.  Florists will use your vases if you bring them in.  Get creative – create small arrangements in wine or champagne glasses!  Terra Bella in Phinney is a lovely organic floral shop.

Napkins: Even if they aren’t organic fabrics, at least you can reuse cloth napkins repeatedly.  You can even use them like paper towels for spills.  I have a set of about 50 that I have been re-using for several years now and they still look amazing.

If you have to go with paper, choose the eco-friendly ones made from recycled paper products, found at your natural food markets such as Madison Market, PCC and Whole Foods.

Dishes: Use recycleable, compostable or re-usable.  You can get nice plates on the cheap from thift stores.  They don’t have to match and you can often find a nice selection of various patterns and colors perfect for a party.  For disposables, go with the recycleable or compostable ones, again from your natural food markets such as Madison Market, PCC and Whole Foods.

Food: Go organic or at least local.  If you want to go with pre-made, Eat Local has pre-made meals that come in either recyclable carboard or returnable glass dishes.

Voting Ballots
If you like to get your guests into guessing the winners, you can print out the ballot from NBC on 100% post-consumer recycled content paper from Staples or Office MaxPaper Zone has 100% post-consumer recyled content paper in colors and others at 30%.

Post-event Clean-up
Make sure to compost your food scraps, soiled paper, disposable foodware in the yard waste bins and of course, recycle all your recycables.  You can even recycle your corks at no cost to you!

Store your vases, tablecloths, napkins, etc. for your next party!

More about Greening the Oscars
Learn more about how the Oscars are going a shade of green at Ecorazzi.

Family Oscars Event
Kristy, the Seattle Parenting Examiner has some great ideas of throwing a family-friendly Oscars party.  Everything she suggests can be done in an eco-friendly manner.  Great tips Kristy!


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