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Pole for the Soul: Fitness studio design

February 3, 2009


Welcome back Pole for the Soul, Seattle’s first pole dancing school and CitySearch 2008 Best Alternative Workout!

PfS is a repeat client.  When the owner first began instructing a few years ago in Queen Anne, she brought me in to brighten and unify the studio decor.  When she moved to the new Ballard location, she called me again, this time to work with more of a blank slate!

Even as a blank slate, the new space had a nice start:  high ceilings, tile floor and counters, a hand-painted mural, and huge windows.  Unfortunately, the tile floor, mural and huge windows were not conducive to the owner’s needs.

Turn nice, yet stark and cold-feeling, former retail space into a sensual and empowering dance studio.

Hardwood flooring, carpeting, black-out curtains and treatments to cover the mural and under-counter storage, mood lighting.  Color, pizzazz and sexy!

Over-sized and non-linear window layout.  Install hardwood floor without damaging floor tiles.  Needs exceeding available budget.  Need for easy access to top of side windows to open for air flow whilst maintaining the black out feature.

Being the ambitious indie biz owner that she is, my client had already done some research on product and method.  She found:

  • A floating hardwood floor would only damage a few of the tiles, for which she has replacements.
  • To keep install costs low, she could recruit handy friends of the appropriate professions.
  • Sources for custom-sized black out curtains.
  • Red paper lantern covers for low-cost, sexy mood lighting.

Side Windows: Install separate treatments for top and bottom.  Hang lower curtains with tension rods to minimize wall damage and ease client’s DIY installation.  Cover upper window with fan-folded paper, providing necessary blackout whilst also leaving them accessible for opening for ventilation.  The fan paper was her idea.  It’s not uncommon for the creativity to spark in the client’s mind once we start in on a project!

Front Over-sized Windows: Hang curtains using wire and clip rod system.  The wire easily bends around the irregular angular window design and the curtains can be removed easily for dry cleaning.

Storage below Sink: Install eye hook and wire hanging system for fabric curtain to cover storage space.  The silver fabric is reused from the first studio decor.

Mural Coverage: Matching silver sparkle fabric was installed to cover the mural.  Now it looks like a stage setting for the super star students.  Initially, we were thinking burgundy velvet but budget constraint led to this solution.

Other decor reused from the first studio:

  • Former silver curtain fabric now creates a swag above the cabinet area
  • Feather boas once again add decor accents
  • Former red ceiling fabric now adds color over the top and sides of the white bookcase which serves as shoe and purse storage for clients during class
  • Arm chair for lap dance instruction

Unfortunately, her needs could not be met with sustainable fabric due to budget.  At least with the large amount of fabric she did use, it will be usable for years to come for other projects if she chooses to change the look in the studio.  With a larger budget, custom eco  black out curtains would be an option.  A few good resources are OEco Textiles and Antique Drapery Rod Co.

From stark and cold to sexy, sensual and empowering, Pole for the Soul’s decor ambiance is supporting the ladies on their quests for fitness, empowerment and sensuality!  Learn more about pole dance fitness classes and parties for a fit mind, body and soul at her website.

Thank you for choosing EcoKind Design (again) for your dance studio decor!

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