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New Year, New Color for your Space

January 27, 2009

image courtesy of ELCC website

As you take on your resolutions, if one of them is related to improving the style and aesthetics of your home, consider changing the color in your space, more specifically, your paint colors.

Adding or changing color in your space has a tremendous effect on the way your environment feels.  Painting is one simple way to transform your space.  What a difference some paint makes!  It can turn dull into dazzling, stimulating into meditative and meditative into stimulating.  Whatever be your vision.

Don’t know what colors or paint to use?  This is where Emily Lauderback of Emily Lauderback Design & Color Consultation comes in.  She is the rockstar of color!  Since I began working at the SPACE Design Center in Greenwood, I’ve had both the privilege to watch her work and to work with her.  WOW!

Emily has developed her own style of color consultation where she acts as facilitator.  Not only does she create a completely individualized color palette for you, she teaches you about the color process:  how colors relate with each other, with light, etc.  To top it off, she has a dynamic and lovely personality.

Her work can be found throughout Greater Seattle and she has a good reputation for repeat business with clients when they are ready for something new, as well as for choosing color that will work  with changes as lives evolve and expand.

For more info: Visit Emily’s website, call her at 206-781-0296 or stop in Th-Sat at SPACE Design Center in Greenwood at 76th.

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