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Measure your carbon footprint

January 24, 2009

image courtesy of Solid Waste Division, King Co.

From the seemingly more mundane like coffee cups to more obvious things like light bulbs and dry cleaning, calculate your environmental impact with this eco waste calculator from King County.

With the holidays perking up, some of these are pretty important to look at, in terms of waste and how it is affects us all.

This is not always the information we want to know about.  Sometimes we, including myself, would rather stick our head in the eco sand and remain blissfully ignorant that our lifestyle habits may be harming the environment.

Good News!
The good news is that often, it just takes mini changes to alter your habits, and then you actually might even begin to wear your new habit with pride, as you find a whole new delight in the part you are taking in helping take care of the rest of us and our quality of life on this great, grande planet!  Then you can brag to your friends, family and colleague, telling them how much you were impacting the environment and how much less you are now!

For more info: King County EcoConsumer calculator
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