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Recycle your towels and blankets

January 13, 2009

image courtesy of Seattle Humane Society website

What do you do with the towels and blankets you no longer want or that are just not good for use anymore?  You donate them to the animal shelters!

I have been thinking about this topic and planning to do this post.  My colleagues at Ideal Bite and I seemed to be on the same wave length because one day not long ago, they wrote about it!

The towels and blankets can have holes in them.  No problem.

Ideal Bite suggests donating to the Seattle Humane Society.  They have an overflow program for the linen donations that goes to help pet owners with AIDS.

There are numerous shelters around Greater Seattle and any of them can usually use your help.  Find the one closest to you and see about donating your towels and blankets there.  Not only will you be recycling product, but you’ll keep your gas usage lower and thus conserve resources!

To read more of the Ideal Bite tip and where to donate, go here.  While you are there, sign up for their eco lifestyle tips.  They don’t come often and they are always interesting!

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  1. January 24, 2009 5:58 am

    While I like your idea better about giving the towels to the humane society, the other place that could use old towels is consignment shops. Last time I went to one, they use an old blanket to wrap my chairs in. I’m still holding onto that towel, but, I think it should probably be given to the human society or given back to the consignment shop so they can use it again for someone else’s furniture purchase.


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