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Green Office Design: thinkspace

December 5, 2008


thinkspace is a green office suite and conference room rental space in Redmond.  Owner Peter Chee had a great basic interior color theme and most of the necessary furnishings.  However, he had a few rooms that were lacking, so he hired me to style the 3rd floor lobby, co-working suite, and the 1st floor conference room.  The above images are of the 3rd floor lobby and a portion of the co-working space.  I’ll be going back to get the rest next week.

Peter wanted them give them some life, inspiration and color, working with the thinkspace color theme and purchasing second use product whenever possible.  Not only did I succeed in the above, using approximately 95-98% second use product,  I brought him in under budget!

Following are the businesses involved in the thinkspace project:

This was a fabulous and very fun project.  The crew at thinkspace is absolutely lovely, the space is peaceful yet energizing, and Peter, a joy to work with.  He was thrilled with the results and donned me the “rockstar of green design” in his testimonial!  We had great fun celebrating together the project wrap at the Sustainable Art & Decor Wine Tasting, hosted at thinkspace.

Thank you Peter for choosing myself and EcoKind Design for your green interior decorating.  I look forward to working with you again!

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