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Preparing your Home for Holiday Guests

November 28, 2008

If you are the designated Hostess of the Mostess, or Host of the Most, this year, you may be thinking…

  • So much to do!
  • Where do I go?!
  • Wherever do I start?!

Here are a few prepping tips to help ease your mind:

Use Guests as Motivation to Finish Projects
Nothing puts a fire under your butt, like expecting guests, to get things done around the house!  Do this of course, within reason.  Now is not the time to start that remodel, but it is a great time to hire an organizer to take care of a few of those unsightly piles which are becoming their own entities in the corners and on the tabletops.  Heck, even I get the “organizing monsters,” which is why I hired Allison Nelson of Simplify Organization.

Organizers see things from a different view than the owners.  I have a background in organizing and even I didn’t see some of the possible spaces for organizing and storage that Allison discovered in my home.  This is what happens when it’s your stuff, when you’re in the emotional middle of it all – you miss those little possibilities.  Allison completely rocked my home and office organization!

Clean Green – or Hire a Green Cleaner
Use eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your home.  They smell great and they are so much kinder to our eco-system when they go down the drain.

It used to be hard to find eco-friendly cleaning products.  Now you wonder, which one do I choose?  I’m still working on which one I like best – watch for the cleaning product review in the coming months here.   In the meantime, you can find the various eco cleaning products easily in mainstream stores like Bartell’s and Fred Meyers.  Of course, supporting your local stores such as PCC and Madison Market, is the best route.

If cleaning isn’t your thing, or you just don’t have time, hire a cleaner!  We are quite fortunate to have a number of them here in Seattle.  Word on the street is says good things about Sage Clean and Affordable Green Housekeeping.  Don’t wait – call now!  I’m sure they get busy this time of year!

Stock up on Soaps, Hand Lotion, and Nice Towels
Once you have your bathroom all sparkly clean and smelling good, top it off with some delicious soaps, hand lotion, and soft, fluffy towels for your guests.  I always appreciate when there is lotion in the bathroom, as my hands tend to get dry, and I prefer to present a nice soft hand to shake when I meet guests at a party!

Eco-friendly soaps and lotions are available in plenty at most markets, including conventional grocery, Fred Meyers and Bartell’s.  Again, if you can shop local with one of our local natural markets, even better.

Here are a few of my faves, which are all over the map, but try to stay central to your location or where you are doing errands to conserve fuel resources.  Some of these resources have the other mentionables as well in their own brands.

Country Meadow – Rebecca is running a special on her oh-so delicious smelling soaps so run on over and check them out.  She carries 2 seasonal lines with several scents in each:  Fall Harvest and Season’s Greetings.  In addition. she has a host of other scents, including some very guy and kid-friendly selections!  This is the only soap I use now, I love it so much.  Buy it online or get fresh cut slices from Central Market in Shoreline.

Trader Joes Lavender lotion in a pump –  It smells good, it’s very affordable and it’s eco-friendly.  Oh, and it does its job.

Origins Ginger Soufflé – Need I say more?  Available at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s.

Collective (Ballard) and One Earth, One Design (Shoreline) both carry delicious, fluffy eco-friendly towels for the delight of your guests’ hands.

If you need to buy online, check out the towels at Viva Terra and Gaiam.

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