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Fall and Thanksgiving Tabletop Designs

November 24, 2008

What tabletop decor and settings are you using this Thanksgiving?

How are you practicing re-use and sustainability?

For a mere few dollars per place setting, you too can have a very nice eco-friendly tabletop for you and your guests tomorrow.

I have found the Shoreline and the Dearborn Goodwill to be quite plentiful in good choices for tabletop settings and decorating.  Wow!  Your consignment and antique stores are also great.  Check the resources list to the right of the article on this page.

Combine a little of what you have and what you might need, buy that from a second use place, adn try Craigs List and Freecycle as well.  If you have to go paper, check out the eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable alternatives at PCC, Madison Market, and Whole Foods.  If you have yard waste service, you may be able to put your food-soiled paper products in that bin.  Double check the guidelines for your city on your container.

Inspired from the napkin find, I decided to go a bit modern with this place setting, still with some fall colors but not the tradition full medly.  In addition, I broke the rules of traditional utensil placement.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules!

For more ideas on settings, check out my previous post for more ideas here.

My total investment for one setting:  $7.50

  1. glass  – $2.00
  2. utensils – free (from my home set)
  3. napkins – $2.00
  4. plate – $1.00
  5. cork tile placemat – $2.00
  6. rocks – free
  7. clothespin – free from my collection
  8. mirror – $.50
  9. nametag holding container  – free as gift

Now THAT’S a great deal!

Check out the eco suggestions that Lynn and Corey have in the book Celebrate Green.  Good people, great advice!

Share your ideas

  • What are you doing this year to have a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving?
  • Do you have some great decorating ideas to share?
  • Are you eating local?  Where locally are you getting your food?  What is your favorite resource?
  • Do you have other green tips and practices for Thanksgiving?
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