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Special } 20% off Holiday Decorating & Gift Certificates

November 4, 2008

Are you:

  • Looking to add some holiday decorating cheer to your home or office for the season or for a holiday event?
  • Wanting to give the gift of an experience to a friend, family member or colleague, but wish it would last longer than a few days?

If you said yes to any of the above, this special is FOR YOU!

Holiday Decorating for Home and Office
I love to spread some holiday cheer!  Reasons to hire a decorator for the holidays:

  1. No time to decorate and before you know it, the season passes you by and you didn’t even get the decor up.
  2. You are decorating-challenged.  Perhaps your visions of holiday decor grandeur never quite match up with your decorating talent, or lack there of.
  3. You don’t know where to shop for green decor, what options are best for you or what your style is.

Give the Gift of an On-going Experience
lr-afterSome of us know we are affected by the condition of our external spaces – our moods, productivity levels, inspirations, etc.

Some of us don’t feel affected – or don’t think we do, until we’ve had our spaces changed, and then the light bulb goes on!

Consider giving the gift of a daily empowering experience, of moving a loved one towards a more personalized, supportive and empowering space, from which they can live their best life!

Holiday Decorating and Gift Certificates
20% off your purchase through December 31st.

  • I practice re-use of existing possessions and purchasing of second use or sustainably made resources, using whatever combination best suits the client’s needs.
  • My practice is never to overdo or overpurchase.
  • My goal is to make it just right for my client – to provide personalized, supportive and empowering spaces from which one can live their best life!
  • All non-holiday projects come with a post-project care basket with resources referrals, coupons and gifts to help one care for their spaces after the project is done.

Gift certificate purchase amounts are flexible.  Contact me to tell me about the person you have in mind and what you think their needs are, and I can suggest the best option.


Eco Blessings,
your local go-to gal for green interiors

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