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Bachelor Bedroom Design: Brown tones, metal & wood

October 13, 2008

Bachelors: Never underestimate the power of a nicely designed bedroom with a cozy, inviting bed!  It can affect your sleep, your mood, and even your love life.  Personally as a woman, I am much more inclined and in the mood when a bedroom is feeling and looking good.

If you’ve graduated from college, it’s time to do away with the exposed mattress look from your college days.  It’s time to upgrade your bedroom image to reflect the mature, stylish man you have become.  Besides, a stylized, sexy bedroom with an cozy, inviting bed says “Come hither” much more than your former college dorm exposed mattress does!

Bachelor Bedroom Design:: Brown tones with metal and wood

Uninspired in the Bedroom
This bachelor was entirely uninspired by his space.  He is a man who loves earth tones, Asian-influence, metal and wood, yet his bedroom says “college bachelor beach pad.”

Challenge: Bring his style, persona and romance into the bedroom with warm, cozy tones and a little Asian influence.   No more towels tacked up for curtains.  No more beach blue comforter with exposed mattresses like your old college dorm!

Solution Ready for Romance!

1}  Curtains
Hang handsome custom curtains in Tyee bio linen fabric by OEco Textiles.  Recycled wrought iron custom drapery hardware by Antique Drapery Rod Co. in a bronze tone is perfect to match the metal of the hanging globes.

2}  Lighting
Ornate recycled metal globes by Viva Terra provide another source of ambient and romantic lighting.  They can be hung together or separately and come in different sizes.  For this design, hang the large one in the corner, to the left of the window, and the 2 small ones on each side of the bed.  Perfect for this bachelor’s love of metal in design.

3}  Walls
For this design, a warm tan, soft gold or camel tone with light cream trim is perfect!  Benjamin Moore has eco-friendly Natura and Aura lines to create your perfect eco-friendly palette.

4a}  Bed
Substitute the Viva Terra reclaimed douglas fir plank vintage bed for the padded one featured in this bed collection.  Fabric headboards get dirty and have to be professionally cleaned.  Most guys don’t want to deal with that.

4b}  Bedding
Viva Terra 10,000 foot organic cotton bedding set.  Forego the fluffy tassled throw at the foot of the bed – you have to dry clean it and since it’s white, tends to not be the best choice for most guys’ utilitarian and easy care lifestyle, though there certainly are guys that lend exception to that.

5}  Art
For a peaceful view as one slumbers off to sleep, try Viva Terra Sustainable monkey pod wood buddha panel hanging on the wall opposite the bed, flanked by tall floor candle pillars.  When the candles are lit, they provide a soft glow on the art work, as well as romantic ambiance!

6}  Nightstands
On each side of the bed, place Viva Terra reclaimed douglas fir Gustavian nightstands, complete with drawers for your special bedside acoutrements!

7}  Throw rugs
Nothing is nicer at your feet as you get out of bed than an extra soft throw rug.  Try cocoa-colored 100% New Zealand wool Flokati rugs by Helenic Rug Imports, Inc. on each side of the bed.  They come in many other colors and sizes as well.

Do you like it?
Would you like to see a room design in another theme?  Do tell!  I am happy to design a room in the theme of your request and share it here!


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  1. October 20, 2008 12:58 pm

    Very informative posts, love the look of you site.


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