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Article for guys on being Mr. Right

October 2, 2008

This just came out in the October 2008 issue of Conscious Choice magazine.  It’s real, grounded, insightful and helpful to both single and coupled men.  It’s also an interesting read for women. 🙂  Don’t let the “pickup approach” bit fool you – read further…the article goes to a deeper level with men.

Becoming Mr. Right

Seduction coach Zan Perrion (image courtesy of Conscious Choice)

Seduction coach Zan Perrion (image courtesy of Conscious Choice)

I’m okay, you’re okay, right? Except for when, well, you’re not. A new pickup approach — part life coaching, part seduction seminar — is helping men confront what’s keeping them from finding connection

By Andy Isaacson

A naked mannequin, draped in a feather boa, stands in one corner of the living room; a stripper pole runs floor to ceiling in another. I am gathered with a group of other single men in the North Beach district of San Francisco, in a duplex apartment that serves as the headquarters of Pickup 101, a company that teaches men how to score with women. In walks guest speaker Zan Perrion, the 44-year old Canadian whose prowess as a lothario occupied an entire chapter in the international bestseller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

Zan wears designer jeans, a loosely buttoned white shirt and black blazer. His wavy hair is brushed back; he’s sporting a pinky ring. “When we see a pretty girl, why do we hesitate?” Zan grills the enrapt crowd of pickup students. “Because we have given her the power to validate us. Everything you desire is inside yourself. Women can tell how you feel about yourself from across the room. When she asks, ‘What do you do?’ she wants to see who you believe you are. Integrity is attractive.”

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