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Event } Green Edmonds Festival – Reporting In!!

September 17, 2008

What fun Saturday was!  One neat bit about going repeatedly to green events is that over time, you begin to see the same faces and develop rapport.  I love my “green family!”

Myself with Kaytlyn and Jessica of Sostane

My First Festival

This was my first festival booth.  I was there under my sister group, Sostane.  We are the Sisters of Sustainability, as founded by the lovely Kaytlyn Sanders, who also owns Beneficial Design. Other sisters that were there were eco-lifestyle coach Gina Diamond of Green Diamond Consulting and Rebecca Woods of Country Meadow luxury spa products (my last remaining graphic design client since I honed in solely on interior decorating).

As usual, I was picky with my set-up and presentation.  This is the blessing/curse of being a perfectionist and aesthetically-oriented person.  Haha.  However, it did turn out pretty good!  I had samples from some of my fabric vendors, my portfolio, a nice bamboo plant and examples of products that were recycled, re-purposed or sustainably made.  People that stopped by were interested to hear of the varying levels of eco-friendly decorating, and loved the fabrics and eco examples.  Quite a few of my cards disappeared as well – that’s always a good thing!

This photo was taken by Margo Christophilis, Real Estate agent and author of Picnic Point Undressed blog.  She posted it on her blog with links to all of the Sostane ladies.  Thank you so much Margo!  It’s great to have this lovely record of my first event and table set up.

Who I Met (or Saw Again)

Patricia Mays, Greenworks Realty:  Livable spaces.  Livable communities.  Just listed:  NW Home & Garden’s 2006 “Home of the Month.” Richmond Beach.  $379,000.  MLS #28139064.  Check website also for upcoming greening home workshops and green home tours!

Tote 2 Go!:  Created using only recycled, repurposed and remnant fabrics.  I own a set of these and they are so FABULOUS!

Green Halloween: This Halloween, and every one from here on, think outside the candy box.

Celebrate Green!:  Creating eco-saavy holidays, celebrations & traditions for the whole family.  Launch date is October 1st.  Co-written by my mother/daughter eco colleagues Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson.

Earthentree:  Creative, natural, handcrafted toys and games for kids and adult kids!

Sustainable Edmonds: A community group dedicated to building a sustainable future.

Ambiente European Tile Design:  Absolutely beautiful eco-friendly options for tiling your spaces located in South Greenlake aka Tangletown.

Sutra Vegetarian Cuisine:  Eclectic supper club-like atmosphere.  2 seatings per night, 3-5 course fixed menu that changes daily, reflecting the season and inspiration of the day. Weaving community, lifestyle, conscious living and amazing food together.

Edmonds Community College:  Learn the art and science of Restoration Horticulture.  Green classes for green careers.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency:  What you see is what you breathe.

Burn Smart Clean:  Woodburning fireplace and wood stove owners – make a change and save!

2 Good 2 Toss – Snohomish County Public Works:  Convenient way to exchange small to large quantities of used or surplus building materials and reusable household items.  Items can be priced $0 – $99.

Take It Back Network – Snohomish County Public Works:  Recycling electronics containing hazardous materials which are no longer accepted for disposal as garbage – cell, computers, monitors, tvs, circuit boards, electronics with CRTs.

Puget Sound Action Team – Low Impact Development:  By the year 2025, another 1.4 million will call PS their home.  How can we protect PS as we grow?

PCC Farmland Trust – Saving Organic Farmland Forever:  Established to save the organic farmlands and farmers in danger of losing land/going out of business.  Check out upcoming King County Harvest Celebration Tour on September 27 where you can tour the farms, try foods, go on hayrides, etc.  A family-friendly event at Ames Creek Farm, 27307 NE 100th St., Carnation WA 98014.

Snow Leopard Trust:  As few as 3,500 cats now remain in the wild.  Helping communities become good stewards of their environment.  Booth sells beautiful, amazing natural products for body and home to benefit the trust.  WOW!

Wow!  That’s quite a list…and I didn’t even meet everyone!  Word is the festival will be twice as big next year!

Thank you to everyone who participated to make this a successful, informative and fun event for all!

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  1. September 17, 2008 9:00 pm

    Amy, your booth looks great. Looks like you had a great time.



  1. Green Edmonds | Sostane Blog

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