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Bellevue Home Re-design: Crafting 1 style from multiple styles

August 19, 2008

I love re-designs! It’s so much fun and reward to see how you can change the way a space looks and feels just by changing the way the furniture is arranged, artwork is hung, artifacts are placed and window treatments added.

Re-designs are the ultimate in sustainability in the way that they use what you already have, so new resources are not consumed. Re-designs can include product purchase if it is needed by the client but the general concept is to decorate with existing possessions.

Dining Room } Before

Dining Room } Before

Dining Room } After

Dining Room } After

In the case of this Bellevue client, she had been living there for about 6 months and done very little with the space, as she is self-confessedly a numbers gal and not an interiors person. My client had a mismash of furniture and artwork colors and styles so this project was prime for re-design!

Living Room } Before

Living Room } After

The re-design consisted of 4 areas in her home: the living, family and dining rooms, as well as the breakfast area. Things planned for eventual purchase are a sectional for her living room and blinds to replace the curtains. She had curtains on hand for immediate use to block incoming sun rays, and felt they would serve their purpose for now. My client has had trouble finding a sectional in her budget that really fits the space, look and feel she wants. When I met Ameer of Couch custom affordable eco-couches, I promptly referred her to him. Hopefully, they will be doing business at some point soon!


Breakfast Area } Before


Breakfast Area } After

Until she gets the sectional, the padded brown arms chairs serve as seating in the living room and her extra black arm chairs will serve as seating in the family room. Once she has the sectional, the padded brown chairs will replace the black chairs the family room.

Family Room - left view

Family Room: left view } Before


Family Room: left view } After


Family Room: right view } Before


Family Room: right view } After

This was a lovely project and my client, a wonderful and very gracious person to work with. I hope to do more projects with her in the future!

Thank you for choosing EcoKind Design for your interior decorating and re-design needs!

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