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Event Cameras: Out with Disposable, In with Rented

August 6, 2008

Are you or someone you know hosting an event soon?  Do you plan to purchase disposable cameras for your guests to help you capture the evening?  Forget disposables!  The better and eco-friendly alternate to buying disposables is renting digital cameras.  This is for sure a fabulous and more beneficial option.  CameraRenter is one of those services that provides digital rentals.

How Does It Work?

Easy.  4 Steps.

  1. You order the cameras.
  2. They send them to you.
  3. Your guests take pics of the event, much as they would with a disposable EXCEPT they can see the pics as they happen and retake for a better image if they choose AND they can record videos too, as is one option with a digi cam.
  4. After the event is over, you send the cameras back and CameraRenter creates a picture and video sharing website where you, your family, and your friends view download, print, and share all of the priceless memories for free.  No need to register.  No need to log-in.  No passwords to remember.

AND, less waste is generated because unlike with disposables, the only images that will be printed are the ones you and your loved ones CHOOSE to print which SAVES MONEY TOO!

It doesn’t get much cooler than that folks so check out CameraRenter today.  If you are not planning an event in the near future, bookmark them in your event resources folder and call them when you’re ready!  Jonathan Bailor is my contact at CameraRenter.  He’s super sweet and has the biggest smiley mug ever!  How can you resist?!

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