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Welcome thinkspace, green office suites in Redmond!

July 31, 2008

Yesterday, Peter Chee of thinkspace green office suites and co-working space, signed on as a client. I am very excited to be doing decorating for this amazing green space! He’s got the bare bones complete there and is ready for some decorative accents, “warming” treatments and embellishments in the co-working, conference and upstairs waiting spaces.  He said:

I’m looking forward to implementing some of your unoffice ideas into my own space inside thinkspace.  I’m also looking forward to the creative ideas you are coming up with for thinkspace.  You’re a rockstar Amy!

A happy client is definitely a good thing!

Peter Chee is the brains behind thinkspace, the first green office suite rental and co-working space, located in the heart of Redmond. He remodeled the interiors of this lovely brick building to fit LEED certifications, including recycling materials that were removed during the remodel process.

Peter is as delightful to talk to as thinkspace is to be in. He is warm in spirit and his passion for green shows in the care and thought that was put into creating thinkspace.

Colors alternate between warm and earthy, and bright and vibrant. Each outer wall office has a large window for natural lighting, with a window panel in the hallway wall to bring the natural light through. Each inner wall office also has a window panel on the hall wall for natural lighting. It was always my personal pet peeve in the days of office work when I had no natural lighting or window. Peter has done well in caring for this matter.

One of my other fave features is the copier with eco ink and 100% post consumer recyled content copy paper from Staples! WOOHOO!

Of course they have a shower for bike commuters, awesome fair trade coffee, sensor operated lights and even sensor operated vending machines! Larger and smaller conference rooms are also available. Even the furniture is eco!

So, if you’ve been looking for that green office space to rent or for a green co-working space, thinkspace has got you covered, with no markup in cost, just because it’s green. Peter understands that his costs will recoup over time with the cost savings that green remodels are known bring over time.

The EcoKind treatment will be done in time for thinkspace’s first Biznik event on August 19th!

For more info: Visit the thinkspace website.
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