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EcoKind Design interviewed by Start-up Nation

July 16, 2008

I was recently interviewed by Christine Haskell, a truly gifted writer for Start Up Nation and her own business, Social Venture Labs, and fellow Biznik member (where you can also find her writings). Not only was it entirely fun to chat about my business and hers as we got to know each other, it was self-revealing as well.

One of the interesting bits about being interviewed is the process of her getting to know about me and my business, I also learned a bit more about myself and where I am headed with this business. Entirely thrilling and inspiring!

At the end of the interview, Christine asked me if I knew of any indie colleagues in particular that she should interview. I gave her a list of about 20+ people who are doing great things in the indie biz world! That should keep her busy, yes?

Now, without further ado, the article resulting from Christine’s interview with me:

Interior design session, or a lesson in Kabuki theater? Discuss.

There are a lot of personalities and opinions when it comes to interior decorating – as in marketing, everyone thinks they are an expert. When it comes to someone’s home however, the opinion is expressed more in binary terms of likes and dislikes from the position of “I’ll know it when I see it.” This puts the designer in a tough spot. They have to have the skills of an eye doctor switching lenses trying to find the right focus and the diagnosis skills of a vet. —Eclectic? Colonial? Modern? Brand-spanking-new-but-designed-to-look-old-but-not-like-Gatsby? (Note to self: client got sick at sight of shag carpet. Must go in other direction.)

Thus begins the kabuki style dance between designer and the client until the project is completed and both slump in a heap – client on the new couch, the designer at the nearest martini bar.

Read the rest of the article here…

Social Venture labs “provides a program to share ideas on best practices for businesses or organizations that consider their community contribution as part of their product or service.” Please check out the other articles that Christine is writing on start up ventures at Social Venture Labs blog. There are also opportunities with SVL to meet and learn from each other’s experiences as start up companies, as well as putting things into practice.

Christine is interested in meeting other companies that make money by doing the right thing and would love to interview you, or people you know who are putting this into practice in their business! You can contact her here.

Thank you for the fabulous interview and article Christine! May you have the best success with your ventures too!

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