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Eco-friendly Spring table decor and settings

July 1, 2008

spring-tableWith Spring arriving, nature will be blooming into bright, beautiful colors.  It’s a great time to match your table tops with some eco-friendly decor, without sacrificing style or color!

Regardless of budget and style:  bright, bold, mild, modern, classic and conservative, there is a style and way for you to create eco-friendly table tops for your home or event.

buddha-tableThe Coordinated Collage
This is a great low-cost option using what you already have, can borrow, or buy new-to-you.   One place setting equals as little as $5. and for another $10-20, add linens, a centerpiece, and favors!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create new use for an object’s original intention!

Table Coverings

  1. Lace family tablecloth
  2. Wicker table runner

Place mats

  1. Green wicker flowers
  2. Cork tiles from an office store!


  1. Bamboo shoots in rocks, water and votive holders placed inside a small bowl.  Use the same design as a favor – table 2.
  2. Statues on rice on a candle plate with votive candles.

Hot Mats
Mirrors on top of cork hot mats are a nice embellishment on table 2.

Ice Buckets
Keep your beverage cool in an ice bucket – the bucket on table 1 is actually a plant container!

Try creative silverware placement such as inside the glass, wrapped in a napkin –  table 2.

If you do purchase for an event, you can recycle after by donating to charity,  or selling/giving away on Craig’s List or Freecycle.  If you donate to charity, it’s a tax write-off!

If you buy new-to-you, you’ve saved resources from being used for production, packaging, etc. that are used for newly made items.

If you have to buy new, choose sustainably-made such as bamboo, wicker, recycled glass, etc.  Natural Spaces has gorgeous options.  Do an internet search for eco-friendly, green and sustainable table settings and decor and shop as local as possible to support local economy.

paper-tableDelightfully Disposable
Paper Table
products are made of recycled, synthetic and completely reusable materials.  Set different combinations on their website – it’s really fun!

Green Party Goods carries plain and colorful materials made from bamboo, corn, sugar, and of course, biodegradable, forest-friendly paper.

bbjRenting Revelry
Renting is great form of re-use for larger events, especially if you can’t find enough of what you need new-to-you.

Look for a rental service like BBJ Linen with an environmental commitment, using eco-friendly cleaning products, dry cleaning services, etc.

Spring is near and your table tops are a great place to reflect the season!   Whether on a tight budget or not, and regardless of desired style and color, there are many eco-friendly table top decor and settings out there for you!

What eco-friendly options have you used for your table tops?  Share your tips and send photos too!


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