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Alternative Desk Layout with Diagonals: Office Nomads

May 15, 2008

Office Nomads is a co-working space in Capital Hill at Harvard and Pine.   Great space with old brick walls and a variety of conference room sizes and rooms to conduct business.  You can rent space by the hour, day or month!


Co-founders Jacob Sayles and Susan Evans did a great job of putting the reuse concept to work, acquiring furniture from various sources for their second life with Office Nomads and thus helping sustain the resources of our planet.

I provided some minor re-design in the layout of their main space. Originally, the desks were arranged the way most of us would arrange things – straight across, linear and parallel to walls, etc.  In reviewing the space, I noticed the diagonal lines of the lighting above and immediately, the following idea popped.

By arranging the desks diagonally, not only did it bring a more interesting look to the room arrangement, it played off the diagonal lines of the lighting, bringing a different sense of cohesion to the room design.

No, you’re not imagining that there is more furniture in the After shot! Before images were taken prior to more placement of furniture. Still, you get the idea of parallel vs. diagonal, yes?

Remember, things don’t always have to be parallel and perpendicular to walls! Try arranging things in curves and diagonals too. You might find a new look for your space in the process!

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