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Just say Yes! to CREDO!

April 19, 2008

CREDO, of Working Assets, is the greenest mobile phone company around.  They’ll give you free phone, like any other service, to switch to them.  It’s what comes NEXT that makes them HIGHLY different from any other service and what makes them eco-awesome.  With your service, you get:

  • A TreadTM phone case made from recycled tires that would otherwise end up in landfills or emit some of the most hazardous chemicals on earth when burned.
  • A free SolioTM Hybrid 1000 solar phone charger that uses the power of the sun–rather than coal-powered electricity–to charge your phone or mobile device.
  • Plus, they’ll pay to offset your direct carbon emissions for an entire year (up to $55) through their nonprofit partner,


  • Every time you pay your bill, CREDO Mobile will donate a portion of your charges (totaling $60 million from CREDO customers so far!) to progressive causes like Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and Ocean Conservancy.
  • With CREDO Mobile you’ll get the same quality coverage, phones and plans just like you’d enjoy from any major provider!

Remember my previous post, The Story of Stuff?

Well, CREDO is making a difference in reducing the impact of stuff.  To recap the story, in CREDO’s words:

Your stuff has a story.

The story of our stuff starts with the natural resources–coal taken from dynamited mountainsides, oil extracted from threatened habitats, or trees reaped from precious forests–to make the stuff we all consume.

The story of our stuff ends with waste–the stuff we tire of and eventually toss–which ends up in landfills, incinerators, or someone else’s backyard where they must deal with the devastating consequences of our wastefulness.

There are ways we can do better–for the planet and for our future–as consumers.  Starting today, you can rewrite the story of your stuff.

Protecting our planet takes the commitment of many, many individuals.  What we’re doing to our environment with all the stuff we use is arresting: we’re harvesting, mining, transporting and discarding at a rate that is simply unsustainable. In the past three decades alone, we’ve used one-third of the planet’s natural resource space–space that can never be replaced.**

So this Earth Day, or any day really, consider switching to CREDO Mobile to limit the beginning and the end of our shared stuff story as consumeristas and -istos.

With that awesome eco-package and service perks, how can you resist?

Your formal invitation comes from the founder and biggest fan, of course, of CREDO:

Join me in rewriting a chapter in the story of your stuff, and our planet, by giving CREDO Mobile a try. As a founder of CREDO (and the company’s biggest fan), I can tell you that you have nothing to lose, and a whole host of precious resources to start saving.


Michael Kieschnick
Co-founder and President, CREDO Mobile

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