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Press } Austin Cantina Décor gets Continued Good Reviews!

April 14, 2008

I LOVE interior styling!  I do it for work, I do it for play.  I’d do it for myself even if no one else liked what I do.  The bonus bit is: they DO like it!  I feel blessed for the honor of providing personalized interiors to others, and to have that be what supports my livelihood.

Late last summer, I teamed with colleague Star Morris of Rat Star Creative to do a full image branding, including graphics and interiors, for a local TexMex restaurant in Ballard called the Austin Cantina.  Owner Jefe Birkner was thrilled with the graphics and interior decorating that we designed for his restaurant baby!

As we get closer to the one year mark for this lovely little family-run spot, we are pleased to see continued positive feedback on the ambiance of the restaurant, as the food critics make their rounds.

Here are just some of the nice words that have been said about the ambiance…

Seattle Times by Providence Cicero
Tex/Mex comes to Ballard: Warm setting, hot choices

A big old wooden wagon wheel leans against the wall; propped on top of it is a lone star. Chili peppers and cowboy hats dance across the plastic-covered tablecloths; calaveras cavort above the range, animated skeletons strumming guitars around a campfire.

Urban Spoon

When it’s cold and rainy outside, I look for a place that’s warm and comforting inside. I found it at Austin Cantina – Great staff, charming decor, awesome quirky music, and glorious food!

…great ambiance– Austin music and decor…

Seattle Weekly by Jonathan Kaufmann

The restaurant glows with a casual, drop-by-anytime warmth.

CitySearch by Jill Lightner

A snug spot filled with warm colors, dark woods and a few cool Mexican folk art touches, this small, friendly restaurant manages to be Texan without being corny.

To view the before and after images of the interiors, go here.

We wish the family at Austin Cantina much success and happiness in the years to follow. Thank you for choosing EcoKind Design!

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  1. April 19, 2008 8:26 pm

    Hi There: I stumbled upon your web site after hearing about you through a friend at I love your style! Do you have bigger photos of the above cantina?


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