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Closet Door Alternative: Curtains add color and artistic touch

February 24, 2008


If you have ever lived in the average apartment, you know the pains of the blasé faux wood closet doors.

And for those of you who are outfit planners, you might know the pains of having to slide the closet doors back and forth to view your wardrobe when you are planning an outfit. Personally, I like to see everything at once so I can sit on my bed and ponder combinations.

The good news is that this is easily solvable with a pair of curtains!   They add color, pattern, and viewing ease.   Simply remove the closet doors, install a rod (a tension rod is super fastest and easiest) and the curtains!   The curtains not only add color and solve the wardrobe viewing issue, they can act as an art piece, depending on what you use.

I found these curtains at IKEA.   Since they are a sheer, I hung a solid behind them to bring out the color and prevent see-through to the closet contents.

Now, to view the entire wardrobe at once, one just need slide both curtains to the side and viola! the outfit planning begins!


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