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Interior Love

January 23, 2008

green room

A colleague in Biznik, Justin Baker of BiziBee Floral, made a recent post in BizTalk about the upcoming Valentine’s Day, to which I replied and which has inspired further reflection on self-love and how I help support people in that through what I do.

The practice of self-love is not limited to that of the physical body. When you really get in tune with it, self-love naturally spills over into every aspect of your life, including the spaces you surround yourself with, whether it be your home, business, or both. Ideally, you address both!

I support the practice of self-love by providing well-reflected and designed interiors that not only look and feel better, they function better. All these are key elements to supporting you best in your home or business space. AND, they are more memorable to your guests and clients, which of course, better supports a fabulous social life and success in business! A great impression goes a long way.

Another aspect of my support of self-love is through the practice of eco-friendly decorating, which is healthier for the planet and that, in turn, is healthier for you! Don’t let the eco word fool you…eco-friendly decorating can be every bit as stylish, colorful and exciting these days as the non-friendly version.

I smile as I think about the play on words “Interior Love” as the love of self through one’s interior environment. The word “self” is interchangeable with “interior.” Cute, eh?

Whether you need a revise of your current space or are working from a blank slate, I am the gal to do the job! I can work with your existing stuff and/or choose new things for you to bring your reflection all together.

Love yourself more through your interiors today!
Call or email me for a complimentary consultation.

Interior Blessings,

*image courtesy of Treehugger

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  1. Star* permalink
    February 5, 2008 6:08 am

    Great flare!
    Words to live by!
    Self environment is truly important!


  2. bizibeefloral permalink
    February 27, 2008 6:48 pm


    You have a special touch. I truly appreciate the artistry that you have brought to bear on our behalf in the past. It is a great joy to watch an inspired person such as yourself bloom.

    lots of love,


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