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Eco-friendly Christmas Décor and Wrapping

December 24, 2007


Going green at Christmas with décor really isn’t too hard. Here are some images of the décor I did for my mum this year using found, natural and recycled objects.

Ways that my mum practices green Christmas:

  • Buy ornaments at yard and estate sales rather than buying newly manufactured items, unless they are sustainable and recycled materials. Re-use your décor each year.
  • Decorate existing vases and containers with recycled ornaments, clippings from your yard and tree and found objects around the home.
  • Save ribbons and bows for re-use in years to come. Mum has been re-using some of the same ribbons and bows for years now and they still look great! Wired ribbon functions again and again very nicely and the plastic bows that come on your presents from other people can be reattached in future years with double-sided sticky tape or a loop of regular tape.
  • xmas-decor-07-012.jpg

    Unwrap carefully and save wrapping paper for re-use as well, especially larger pieces.

A little mindfulness and creativity goes a long way. Simple steps and easy to manage for just about anyone!

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