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Solar Power for Mobile Technology!

November 13, 2007

Wow! What a great find if you are one who is flitting around from place to place, working from various locations, etc. – a solar power pad!

As read about on the blog of an eco-collegue, Ecofabulous!…..

So, we at ecofabulous are really diggin’ the SolarRoll from Brunton and what it means for us. Wherever their is sunlight – whether we are kayaking down the Nile, meditating in an Indian ashram, sailing through the Caribbean (perhaps in our dreams this winter) or simply camping in our own backyards – we are not at the mercy of the grid when we need to bust out the laptop or charge our MP3s and mobiles. And, let’s face it, we don’t feel whole without our communication devices at hand.

…no need to lug around little units of chemical energy that leach highly toxic metals as they degrade in landfills either. To think, disposable batteries comprise 20% of the hazardous materials households produce each year across the United States. We much prefer the alternative of toting around our own portable SolarRolls and generating electricity that can power any number of devices at our convenience.

The SolarRoll is lightweight and comes in different sizes, depending on the magnitude of your power needs; after all, charging a car battery vs. a PDA is a slightly different energy proposition. You can also link multiple units together for additional output, or even have one customized to your needs. It’s a thrill to just roll those photovoltaic cells out and plug into the sun’s pure, unadulterated energy. Now that is clean tech!


Thanks for the tip Ecofabulous! We love you!

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