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Holiday Altar: Dia de los Muertos

November 10, 2007


Last weekend I had the honor of creating an altar for an art & performance event celebrating Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead.  Unfortunately, I only had my cell camera so my images are not as clear as I’d like.  Oh well!

This Mexican tradition parallels Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, of honoring the spirits that have passed before us.   Granted, our American celebration focuses less on honoring and more on costumes and candy, but the roots are there nonetheless, and we still have opportunity to teach our young ones of those roots.

Altars are suitable for homes and offices as well.  They provide great space for reflection, contemplation and meditation, as well as a space to place objects of significance and importance.  They needn’t have a spiritual connotation if that is not one’s inclination, just as one does not have to spiritual to meditate.


I love creating altars.  Each one has it’s own life and expression.   It’s one aspect of decorating that I’d like to do more of, in addition to event décor in general.

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