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I’m not in the cosmetics biz but…

November 6, 2007

I couldn’t resist posting about Alima, an eco-friendly Eurpoean cosmetics company, who even has a buy back jar rewards program!  Ecofabulous wrote about it on her blog today:

I’m hooked on Alima’s mineral makeup; luxurious, free from additives and allergens, pure and safe for even the most sensitive skin. They’re only the second U.S. beauty care company to earn the “Certified Natural Cosmetics” seal from the BDIH, a German federation that developed comprehensive guidelines for “natural” beauty products. When it comes to the chemicals that are permitted to litter our ingredient lists, unfortunately the U.S. FDA has banned a mere ten while our European counterparts have said no to more than 1,000. Thus, it makes perfect sense that legitimately natural companies should turn to European standards. Beyond that, Alima donates 5% of their profits to organizations that promote the health and wellness of women – a different beneficiary each month. These minerals are also gorgeous; whatever color or sheen you covet, they’ve got you covered. Buildable and breathable, they’re lightweight but actually have staying power. I love the dramatic shades of eyeshadow, like Aubergine and Black Orchid. And committed to reducing their waste, Alima instituted their Jar Return Rewards Program: send back five empty jars, they’ll recycle them and you’ll receive a free eyeshadow. Sounds like a sweet deal. But to be eligible, you must pack them in completely recyclable materials (no bubble wrap or packing peanuts allowed). After all, we’re trying to beautify more than just our faces right?!


I LOVE Ecofabulous!  She is awesome.  I may be loving these cosmetics too someday!  Definitely loving their mission and commitment to giving back and eco-friendly product!

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